Our private tours focus on an important episode in the history of the places we visit. Walking through a ruined castle or an abandoned abbey, we speculate on how that event unfolded. By imagining the characters involved and telling their stories, we bring resonance to the now-silent walls and meaning to the ancient stones.

 Fountains Abbey.

Fountains Abbey.


Touring with Medieval Yorkshire Tours lasts a full day and is divided into two parts. Mornings are devoted exploring the medieval site you have picked out from our portfolio of tours. Afternoons are spent either at a local event you have selected on our recommendation or in visiting a world-class attraction close-at-hand.

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 Knights of Middle England.

Knights of Middle England.


Local events may be related to the subject of the tour; perhaps jousting, hawking, or archery displays. On the other hand, local events could be broader cultural experiences such as food fairs, agricultural shows, sheep dog trials, and ancient music festivals. Either way, you have the fun of getting first hand experience of local colour.

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We cater only to private parties. That means we design your day with Medieval Yorkshire Tours exclusively for you and your companions. We welcome any youngsters you may have travelling with you and can provide an exciting time for them too!


Our tours of medieval sites are often near an attraction of world- class quality. For example Pickering Castle is near the great stately home Castle Howard, so why not combine a visit to both? Again, we can design your afternoon tour to match your interests.


There is great food and drink to be savoured in Yorkshire and wonderful places full of character where you can sample the local offering. Ancient, crooked pubs with nooks and crannies, old coaching inns with creaking floors, microbrewery taps with fascinating new craft beers - the choice is almost bewildering.

Tea shops - city centre bustle or rural havens beside swift flowing becks - places to pause a moment from the tour and contemplate, converse, assimilate.

And in the evening, world class dining. There is a galaxy of restaurants ranging from Michelin listed masters to award winning new arrivals. We keep up with the area's vibrant food scene so that we can help you plan a memorable visit.